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[ Machines & Peripheral Utility Devices ]

1) Lapping/Polishing Machines

  • Single-Sided/Table-Top Models
    TR06M (Compact Size) / TR15M / TR15M-RD (With Size Fixing Mechanism)
  • Single-Sided/Floor-Standing Models
    TR15S / TR18S / TR24S / TR15S-FR (With Tri-Axial Control System)
  • Dual-Sided Models
    TR4W605K (4WAY6B type) / TR3W305K (3WAY3B type)
  • Grinding Machine
    Flat-surface Grinding Machine

2) CMP Machines

  • Desktop CMP Machine (TRCP-380M)
  • CMP Machine for R&D (TRCP400)
  • CMP Machine for φ300mm Wafers (TRCP900)

3) Bonding Machines

  • Diaphragm Type Vacuum Bonding Machine (VAP250)
  • Floor-Standing Diaphragm Type Vacuum Bonding Machine (VAP250S)
  • Cylinder Type Vacuum Bonding Machine (VSP300)
  • High Temperature-Capable Cylinder Type Vacuum Bonding Machine (HVSP200)
  • Cylinder Type Bonding Machine (SP200)

4) Cleaning Machines

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  • Brushing and Scrubbing Cleaning Machine
  • Pure Water Spin Cleaning/Drying Machine
  • RCA Cleaning Machine
  • Functional Water Cleaning Machine

5) Special Processing Devices

  • Brush Polisher
  • Equipment for Recycling Liquid Remover of Membranes for Color Filter

6) Designing and Manufacturing Ultra-precision Jigs

  • Automatic Fixed Sizing Jig
  • Wireless Transmission Automatic Fixed Sizing Jig (T-WMCS)
  • Work Chuck Jigs (Vacuum / Magnet / Frozen)
  • Locating Jigs (High-precision XY Stage / Assembled Jigs)

[ Consumables ]

7) Consumables

  • Lapping/Polishing Plate
    (Tin, Copper, Resin-blended Iron / Copper / Tiné•Lead / Tin / Ceramic, Cast Iron, Granite, Glass)
  • Conditioning Ring (Ceramic Conditioning Ring, Diamond Dresser, Brush Dresser, etc.)
  • Abrasive Powder (Regular Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Green Silicon Carbide, Silica)
  • Polishing Pad, Polishing Cloth, Diamond Wheel, Diamond Bite, Cutting Blade
  • Double-sided Lapping Carrier
  • Suspension Additives, Cleaning Agent
  • Adhesives/Adhesive Film for temporarily fixing workpiece
    (Thermoplastic Wax, UV-cure Adhesive, Self-foamed Tape, etc.)
  • Grinding Wheels for processing
    (Diamond-electrodeposited, Resin-bonded, Metal-bonded, Vitrified-bonded, etc.)
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